Macbook White

For better working with the virtual programs on the Mac Whitebook it’s neccesary to increase the normal installed 2×1 Gbyte workspace (two 1GB SO-DIMMs), fit in two different memory banks.
When referring to memory workspace, a memory bank or bank is the smallest amount of memory that can be addressed by the processor at one time. The Mac Whitebook has, as mentioned earlier, two memory banks. These banks, indicates by the specs, can be filled with up to 2 x 2 Gbyte SO-DIMM. DIMM is short for Dual In-line Memory Module. DIMM is a circuit board contained with random access memory chips. SO stands for Short Outline.
In my Mac Whitebook are installed 2 x 1 Gb Hynix PC3 8500S with CL7.
I want to install 2 x 2Gb ?RAM CSXA SO 1333-2G CL9.

That don’t work. I conclude:
1. Without the Hynix DIMM in a bank the ?RAM DON’T work
2. The 2 Gb barrier is given in the specs isn’t there!

I install 1 Hynix 1 Gb DIMM and 1 ?RAM 4 Gb DIMM. Therefore in total 5 Gb and it works fine!!

The main question is, wy don’t work the two Hynix DIMM’s in the memory bank. Has it something to with the latency CL7 or CL 9? I do not now.
Warning beebs of the Macbook White
Unlike other Macbooks, the Macbook white indicates its errors with beebs
1 beeb indicate = no RAM installed
2 beebs indicate = incompatible RAM
3 beebs indicate = no good banks
4 beebs indicate = no good boot image in the boot ROM and/or bad sysconfig = block
5 beebs indicate = processor is not usable